What’s the deal?

We are a Singapore-­based seed-stage venture firm that invests S$500k to 1M in early stage companies on market terms. Once the investment is in place, we’ll help you to grow to profit or the next round of funding through our network and our full­-time operating partners.

So you’re a bunch of mentors?

Not really. Traditionally, a mentor meets a founder once a fortnight, spending half the hour on business updates before dispensing nebulous wisdom. We like to get our hands dirty. We co-locate, and our operating partners spend their days out of each week solving hard problems with you. We do act as mentors, in the original sense, but also as executives.

Who else is on board?

SeedPlus is a network of networks. Between Jungle Ventures, Eight Roads, Cisco, Accel and SGInnovate, there are few questions we can’t answer and little support we can’t give.

How do you pick investments?

We are looking for companies with the potential to upend an industry on a global scale.This potential typically manifests itself as a somewhat contrarian worldview, unique insights gathered from prospective customers and a technology-assisted solution to concerns.

We also look for a willingness to work closely with us. Doing only a half dozen investments per year, we want to make sure we build the business together.

What is the investment process like?

Like most venture firms, we have a rolling intake. Send your pitch deck to us and we’ll get back to you. If the opportunity matches our interests we will meet up with you to understand your business and where we could help. Due diligence for investments usually take a month or two from start to finish, so get in touch early.

Do you only invest in Singapore?

We really like companies looking beyond Singapore, eyeing the rest of the world. However, your core team needs to be in the Southeast Asia region so we can most efficiently work together and we prefer your company to be incorporated in Singapore.